Representation for Contract Negotiation

When representing a member of the clergy or another employee, I “sit at the negotiating table” for him or her.  Here’s how it works: in person or over the phone, or both, I begin by learning as much about you and your organization as I can:  asking questions, listening to you, reflecting back what you tell me, identifying your goals and resources and clarifying your values and vision.

I take all the information you give me, verbally and in documentation, and help you synthesize it into a picture of what you want your relationship with your organization to look like, including your financial package, benefits, time off, and any other tangible or intangible aspects.  I represent that picture to the organization, and respond to the their proposals as presented by their negotiators, at your direction. My style is a collaborative, mutual gains approach. While I always begin with the assumption that we are in partnership with the organization in arriving at agreement, I remain on your side exclusively.


When I mediate, I act as a neutral party, facilitating a workable solution for individuals or organizations who have come to an impasse in a discussion or disagreement. Examples of mediations I have conducted include employment relationship issues and ownership of intellectual property.

Conflict Management and Prevention — Negotiations are not Just for Contracts

Every day, it seems, requires some form of negotiation.  I can help you learn how to negotiate everyday situations for yourself without damaging professional or personal relationships, analyze areas and relationships in which conflict can arise, and craft strategies for dealing with challenging people or issues.

Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to be represented.  If you want to negotiate for yourself, but you want help preparing or strategizing, or if you simply want your documents reviewed, I make myself available for as much of the process as you require.  Together we would go over the proposals, the history of your negotiations, and, as with representation, your goals for the negotiation.

Training & Speaking

I am available to conduct workshops, train individuals or groups in negotiation and other professional skills, or make presentations. Here are some of my recent events:

Women of Reform Judaism and Women’s Rabbinic Network, URJ Biennial Panel, Gender Justice: Women in the Workplace, December 2017

 Women’s Rabbinic Network, New England Chapter, Gender Bias in the Rabbinate, May 2017

Central Conference of American Rabbis, From Good to Great: A Fireside Chat with Rabbis and Attorneys on how to Achieve Successful Outcomes in Contract Negotiations. With Attorney Michael Gan, Convention, March 2017 (and frequent presenter at annual convention.)

Central Conference of American Rabbis, Paid Family Leave: A Sacred Partnership Between Rabbis and Their Congregations, With Rabbi Peter Berg, Webinar, February 2017

Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, “Gig” and Lifecycle Event Contracts: Templates and Questions, With Clergy Works Institute, Webinar, November 2016

Women’s Rabbinic Network, Mediation Skills for Managing Difficult Situations, With Clergy Works Institute, Webinar, October 2016

Rabbinic Negotiation Workshop with Clergy Works Institute, Everyday Negotiation Skills for Rabbis, June 2016